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Since about this time last year, the team over at Goreela Productions has been working diligently on getting the elements together to create a Western film, as it’s a genre that all of us love. Well, we’ve finally started to make some BIG steps in the direction of getting our projects underway. Yes, you read that correctly: projects. Since we’re trying to keep the basis of our film under wraps (for now), I can’t give out any plot details (yet). However, I can give you all a little teaser of what we’re planning on doing, and where we are at this moment. After re-write after re-write after re-write, we have decided to create our own Western trilogy. However, unlike Sergio Leone’s classic “The Man With No Name” trilogy, we don’t have a mass amount of cash or Clint Eastwood. So, we are still doing a trilogy, but it will be comprised of TWO short films (7-10 minutes in length) and then our full length feature. The two shorts will serve to give back-story for the feature film, and we are pleased to announce the titles of the three films, in order of production/series order: “Out of Fire,” “Into the Fire,” and “High Desert.” We are filming on location in Modoc County, in the towns of Likely and Alturas, California, and we couldn’t be more excited to work with the locals who have been so welcoming of our team and our future projects. More updates and behind-the-scenes photos to come!

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    Cool Robert One of my short stories is on the BFS long list also. The stngrae thing is that the novel category seems longer! Anyhow, I hope your book makes it to the short list for at least one of these.


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