Out of Fire

Project Synopsis

In this contemporary western, we begin the first chapter in the High Desert trilogy. Faced with tragic loss, two brothers find themselves in a rift, torn between the life they've known and a greater calling. Free from the institutions of civilized men, will the McShay brothers find the answers they're looking for? How far will the darkness take them?

Cast & Crew


Dillon Brown – Lauren Bushey – JT Davis – Michael Graskey – Marsha Johnston – Andrew Mayfield – Sean Mayfield – Jared McGarva – Shane McGarva – Daniel Taylor – Jerry Wheeler

Directed by:William Thorn
Written by:Dillon Brown
Producer(s):Shane McGarva
Edited by:William Thorn
Sound Design:Keith Hildesheim
Music:Sean Mayfield

Other Information



Special Thanks:

Jim Cavasso & Elizabeth Cavasso
Richelle Ratliff & Justin Ratliff
Shane McGarva & Jared McGarva
Chris Kelley
The Hotel Niles
The McGarva Ranch
City of Alturas


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