Hero Juice

Project Synopsis

John Smith is broken and down on his luck, without a friend in the world to comfort him. But, all that's about to change. From Zero to Hero, you'll be captivated by the adventures of a young man given the chance to turn his life around in the darkest of places.

Cast & Crew


Meghan Bruzzone – Kristin Empey – Jamal Essayah – Chris Giampaoli – Rose MacDonald – Sean Mayfield – Jaron Shepherd – William Thompson – Will Thorn

Directed by:Will Thorn
Written by:Dillon Brown
Will Thorn
Producer(s):Jaron Shepherd
Robert Thorn
Music:Susanna Blackwood
Chris Giampaoli
Sean Mayfield
Barrett Shepherd
Jaron Shepherd

Other Information



Special Thanks:

Dave Bruzzone
Elizabeth Craven
Debra Desanto
David Hlusak
Michael Hyman
Heidi Knott
Steve Nielson
Bronwen Shears
Janet Gettman
Laura Knipping
6th Street Playhouse
Chops Teen Club
The Dance Center
Hotel La Rose
The Pawn Advantage